What People are Saying About Humanity Ascending

Barbara Marx Hubbard has become the voice for conscious evolution in our times.  The fate of humanity and the world now depends on survival of the wisest.  In this video she elegantly explains how the universe is becoming self aware thorough the human nervous system.  In this self awareness lie the raw materials of intention and a new imagination that will propel us from being human to super human.

—Deepak Chopra




At a time of increasing confusion and rising concern about our planet's future, the Humanity Ascending Series unravels the mystery of our collective experience in an extraordinary overview that is breathtaking in its scope, startling in its clarity, and gloriously hopeful in its thoughts about tomorrow, demonstrating once again why Barbara Marx Hubbard is considered a global treasure and one of the greatest visionaries of our time. 

—Neale Donald Walsch




Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the great world servers of our time and in this luminous video, her spirit and ideas evoke our larger destiny, our greater story.  So potent and inspiring is Humanity Ascending that it could well be called the agenda for our evolutionary emergence.  To view this video is to be charged with hope and a passion for the possible.

—Jean Houston




Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of America's brightest lights.  She makes this very complicated moment in history seem like a glorious opportunity.  She gives guidance, and she gives hope.

— Marianne Williamson





Barbara Marx Hubbard is a true pioneer.  With heartfelt passion and inspired evolutionary fire she takes us on the biggest journey there is – from the first three seconds of the big bang through the miraculous quantum leaps that have defined the evolution of our cosmos, culture and awakening to consciousness. As only she can do, Hubbard engenders a fierce sobriety about the extremity of the challenges we face as a global species while simultaneously compelling us toward a truly glorious vision of the future.

—Andrew Cohen



Barbara’s is a voice of thunder motivating us to consciously participate in an evolving planetary renaissance.  On a global scale, today’s humanity is faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.  Through her Humanity Ascending series, Barbara offers clarity on both the journey of humanity and its powerful capacity to positively impact the evolution of our future.

—Michael Bernard Beckwith