Why Host a Screening?

Our world today is in crisis and people are in dire need to understand that there are good reasons to be optimistic about humanity’s potential to see its way through our current problems. By hosting a fundraising screening of Humanity Ascending: OUR STORY you will be giving the gift of hope to your friends, associates and loved ones and at the same time be creating a fundraising opportunity for your group or organization.


To assure the success of your event, we will not only provide you with promotional materials to advertise the movie, but also give you a follow-up process with some basic questions and themes that you can, if you so choose, lead a discussion after the screening. In this way the screening creates a warm atmosphere that leads into a heartfelt discussion on matters that are vital to everyone’s lives.


• Our new screening policies allow you, the host, to charge whatever admission you like and keep 100% of the proceeds. This is a great way to raise funds for your own organization or charity. And best of all, there is no usual and customary screening fee.


• All that we ask of you is that you agree to sell dvds of the movie for us at your event which we will send to you at no cost. In this way you help us to continue to produce additional ground-breaking documentaries.


• To obtain permission to host a screening and to discuss details for your particular event, email us at screenings@cox.net or phone 805.898.0340.


It’s that simple!


Additionally, we are offering the option of having Barbara Marx Hubbard herself, the ‘Mother of Conscious Evolution’, skyped into your event at the end of the film for a discussion. All groups that have opted for this have expressed tremendous appreciation for this feature. Please be advised that there is an additional charge for this exciting new feature.